About Streams For Dreams 2021

This Women's History Month,1,000 Dreams Fund continues its commitment to elevating women in the digital broadcasting and gaming space with our fourth annual Streams for Dreams Fundraiser in partnership with the Twitch community! All proceeds raised will fund the 1DF – Twitch BroadcastHER Grant Program – specifically for women broadcasters. We'll be featuring some amazing broadcasters March 22nd - 26th to close out Women's History Month with a bang!

Simply put, there is an ever-expanding gap in financial funding and resources for women broadcasters. 1,000 Dreams Fund's (1DF) goal is to continue to close this gap while raising awareness by providing crucial funding to these broadcasters through our BroadcastHER Grant.

Interested in helping fundraise this year? Check out our Fundraiser Toolkit with tips, tricks, and more on making your campaign a success!

Fundraiser incentives


1,000 Dreams Fund Vision Board

Fundraise $50 and you'll receive 1,000 Dreams Fund's Vision Board for 2019!


Written Thank You

Fundraise $100 and you'll receive a personalized thank you note from 1,000 Dreams Fund!


Shout out as one of our #FearlessFundraisers

Raise $250 and you'll receive a special shout out as one of our #FearlessFundraisers on social media!


BroadcastHER SWAG Bag

Raise $500 and you'll receive a BroadcastHER SWAG Bag filled with a BroadcastHER Shirt, Stickers, and more! (U.S. & Canada Only)


Certificate announcing you funded a DREAM

Raise $1,000 and you'll receive an official certificate from 1,000 Dreams Fund for making a DREAM come true!

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