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International Relief Teams

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Hurricanes Eta and Iota struck Central America in November 2020. These powerful storms caused widespread devastation, damage to infrastructure, and has resulted in a humanitarian crisis. Force Thirteen is producing a charity telethon on Sunday, December 6, to raise funds for the work that Internati...
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About International Relief Teams

IRT helps families survive and recover after a disaster by providing timely and effective assistance. IRT also provides a hopeful future for underserved communities through programs that improve their health and wellbeing.

During disasters, IRT deploys medical and reconstruction teams, provides sup...

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Top Donor
Jamie G - new viewer - thx for doing this team!!$255.00My favorite storm was Lester (1992), overshadowed by Andrew, it was the first Pacific TS to reach the US since '67. @Marcel I propose Alabama invades, conquers, and annexes Thomas' bedroom and tries him (military tribunal) for crimes against Golf With Your Friends; then expel him to the basement!
Force Thirteen Viewers$105.00
Nicholas Hurter$41.00
Thomas Schwent$40.29Nathan will be here next round!
Ryan Matta (RAMTurtle)$50.00Thank you Force Thirteen for doing this :)
Strat Becker$40.00
Devon Williams$69.69Devon is sus
Thomas Schwent$11.00OVER 1800 BABY, LETS GOOOOO
Justin L.$13.13Been a great honor for me to be a part of the project! Here's a lucky number for you!
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