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AbleGamers Charity

About this campaign
It's time to Get Good to Get Giving! Steve's million-dollar dream is to raise over $1 million for gamers with disabilities for his 40th Birthday. With over 46 million potential players in The US alone, many players need support. So Liam McIntyre and Todd Lasance have teamed up with Steven and a sl...
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About AbleGamers Charity

There are millions of people with disabilities who can't play videogames without expensive, specialized equipment. The AbleGamers Charity helps gamers with disabilities by providing that equipment, free of charge. But we can't do it without YOU. Help Us Help Others: A day of gaming for you could mea...

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Top Donor
TCGamer$1,000.00I’m so sorry I can’t watch today’s stream but this donation is going to a good cause. Hope you lads and the get good community have an awesome day. Love you all, take care.
Melanie Steiner$658.00
Jason Fadden$10.00
Anonymous$1,000.00Love the work you’re doing! Thanks for making games easier to share
Jason Fadden$10.00
Dustin Mims$40.00
J. O'Connell III$20.00
Anonymous$25.00come on chats! every dollar helps get games into every gamers hands <3 #spawntogether #SoEveryoneCanGame #GamingForEveryone
Keenan Howard$50.00
Melanie Steiner$50.00Guess I can give some more for a voicemail from Liam
SJ$100.00Recently got hand surgery and frustrating not being able to play my favorite games. Can't imagine the frustrations of gaming with a permanent disability.
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