• Starts

    Oct 01, 2016
  • Day of Destiny

    Oct 02, 2016 11:00 AM CDT

    11 AM - 2 PM: spacemunkey777 | 2 - 5 PM: AlyKkat | 5 - 8 PM: handsomejack_ass | 8 - 11 PM: PreFirezTV | 11 PM - 2 AM: CatInTheWall215

  • Military Mayhem (Vets only stream)

    Oct 15, 2016 10:00 AM CDT

    Ocboter 15th: 10AM - 2PM: @SgtCactus | 2PM - 6PM: @DevildocTV | 6PM - 12AM: @CatInTheWall215 | October 16th: 12PM - 4PM: DevildocTV | 4PM - 8PM: Redcarr22 | 8PM - 12AM: PreFirezTV | 12AM - 4AM: spacemunkey777

  • Main Event (Streamers in costumes)

    Oct 29, 2016 08:00 AM CDT
  • Ends

    Nov 01, 2016
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About Gallantly Gaming for Veterans

Gallant Gamers participates in OSD's 8-BITSALUTE to veterans. Help us crush our goal of $2000 for veterans!

Operation Supply Drop was founded in 2010 initially on delivering "Video Game Care Packages Overseas" in response to a growing need from our deployed troops desiring generationally relevant gear from back home. As we grew and these service members began to return home facing various transitional challenges, we adapted to address the underlying needs of these veterans and their families. Today's Operation Supply Drop is a direct reflection of listening to those we serve and while the video games are still being provided by the thousands to our active-duty personnel, we've developed substantial programming to work with veterans through their transition and into finding their new "tribe." All of our programs directly touch on Mental Health, Homeless and Employment for Veterans and their families sitting atop of a global community structure encouraging community service and accountability to one's peers.

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About 8-Bit Salute | Operation Supply Drop

Operation Supply Drop was founded in 2010 with a focus on delivering “Video Game Care Packages Downrange.” As we grew and service members returned home to face various transitional challenges, our objective evolved to identify and address the underlying needs of these veterans and their families. Through six defined and complementary national programs, Operation Supply Drop builds and reinforces the veteran support ecosystem from Deployment through Community Integration.


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ANNOYEDCHERRY_13$20An hour left lets crush the goal!!!
Havocingaming$10For the vets and those crispy melee kills
Rogue_blu$10Proud to donate to Operation Supply Drop! :)
Vixtrublu$5Because cat is in a hat and his war paint (actually when Is cat not in a hat) and because $1 is just not enough - <3 CAT
Munkey777$15lets do this!!!
Claus <3$20Just because I wanna support ^^
Rogue_Blu$20$20 to make you holler?
Snow Burrito$1
PenguinRage$5Best of luck hitting the goal! Wish I could do more!
DrLuposCat$300Good luck with the fundraiser!
Anonymous$5Good luck!
Anonymous$5For The vets!!
Snow Burrito$25:)
SmellyGreenTaco$5You only live once Kappa