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About Game4Autism GiveAvoice / Big Red Safety Box

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Wandering is the tendency for an individual to try to leave the safety of a responsible person's care or a safe area, which can result in potential harm or injury. This might include running off from adults at school or in the community, leaving the classroom without permission, or leaving the house when the family is not looking. This behavior is considered common and short-lived in toddlers, but it may persist or re-emerge in children and adults with autism. Children with autism have challenges with social and communication skills and safety awareness. This makes wandering a potentially dangerous behavior.

Game4Autism Inc.

Game4Autism has raised over $10k over the past 3 years for various autism causes and organizations. We have teamed up with the National Autism Association because we truly believe in everything they stand for and the amazing programs in place to help those in need on the Autism Spectrum. Help us raise donations to support both the Give A Voice and Big Red Safety Box programs. Do what you love game and raise donations for a great cause! Thank you and as always GAME4AUTISM!

Justin Romandy

Owner Game4Autism Inc.

Mission Statement :
"At Game4Autism Inc. we have the amazing generosity of the gaming community. Millions of gamers coming together to support the Autism community with needed items to families in need. We spread awareness, acceptance, and show support to all on the Autism Spectrum"



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About National Autism Association

The mission of the National Autism Association is to respond to the most urgent needs of the autism community, providing real help and hope so that all affected can reach their full potential.


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Ball n' Chain Gaming$50#G4A