• Starts

    Jan 01, 2017
  • FTL: Faster Than Light

    Jan 01, 2017 03:00 PM EST
  • Dungeons and Dragons: Operation KillJoy, WrathianGaming DM

    Jan 01, 2017 04:00 PM EST

    WrathianGaming DM's a special New Year's themed session, featuring guests JackStrider, Ishman223, and Lindsey_Mank

  • Don't Starve Together with Lan and Mukya

    Jan 01, 2017 07:00 PM EST

    Join Guests Lantheos and Mukya_Punch as we try not to die in Don't Starve Together!

  • Golf With Friends, with Friends!

    Jan 01, 2017 09:00 PM EST

    Lantheos, KadlerDraven, and more play some ridiculous Golf With Friends

  • Streamline Community Games

    Jan 01, 2017 10:00 PM EST

    Head over to for some Interactive Streamline with the Community!

  • Community Garry's Mod

    Jan 02, 2017 12:00 AM EST

    Prop Hunt, Murder, TTT and more with the community!

  • Community Jackbox

    Jan 02, 2017 02:00 AM EST

    Drawful 2, Quiplash, Trivia Murder Party and more with the Community!

  • Hello Neighbor

    Jan 02, 2017 04:00 AM EST

    Watch me get SPOOKED by a neighborly fella in the alpha 3 of horror game Hello Neighbor!

  • Telltale Games Walking Dead Season 1

    Jan 02, 2017 05:00 AM EST

    My first time playing through Season 1 of the Walking Dead Telltale Game!

  • Left 4 Dead 2 co-op with Pablondo

    Jan 02, 2017 09:00 AM EST

    Pablo and I shoot some Zambies!!!

  • Dungeons and Dragons: Gothic Steve DM

    Jan 02, 2017 11:00 AM EST

    Steve DMs a Gothic-Themed session featuring Lantheos, Pablondo, and WrathianGaming!

  • Kingdom: New Lands Podcasting

    Jan 02, 2017 02:00 PM EST

    A very, very tired Speedy reflects on the night and all his streaming experiences while playing some Kingdom: New Lands

  • Ends

    Jan 02, 2017
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About Make A Better Year

2016 was a hell of a year. I want to thank the people who have helped me make it through this year - my friends and twitch community - by hosting a 24 hour charity stream. The friends I've met through twitch have made my year an unforgettable and rewarding experience. You guys helped me through this year, and by supporting the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, I hope that together we can help others through the next one. 2017 will be a better year.

13395 afsp tiltify circlelogo 2016 final

About American Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Save Lives and Bring Hope to Those Affected by Suicide

To fully achieve its mission, AFSP engages in the following Five Core Strategies:

  • Fund scientific research
  • Offer educational programs for professionals
  • Educate the public about mood disorders and suicide prevention
  • Promote policies and legislation that impact suicide and prevention
  • Provide programs and resources for survivors of suicide loss and people at risk, and involve them in the work of the Foundation


In 1987, a small group of caring individuals had a vision: establish a private source of support for suicide research and education, and essential suicide prevention efforts could be sustained into the future. These founding families---each of whom had lost a someone to suicide---joined with scientists to create what today is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, or AFSP.

Many of our original founders were concerned about an alarming rise in youth suicide over the previous four decades. During this period, the suicide of young men had tripled while for young women it had doubled. Suicide is currently the third leading cause of death among young people age 15 to 24. The highest overall rates of suicide are for adults age 40 to 59.

Before AFSP, there was no national-scope not-for-profit organization dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy.

Since its founding in 1987, AFSP has:

  • Mobilized and connected tens of thousands of people who have lost a family member, loved one, or friend to suicide
  • Reached thousands of individuals who are at risk for suicide, as well as those who love and care for them
  • Attracted the participation of members of the scientific and clinical communities, who conduct groundbreaking research on suicide and its prevention with support from AFSP
  • Established local chapters in all 50 states
  • Educated hundreds of local communities about suicide and how to prevent it
  • Created a public policy and lobbying arm by merging successfully with an existing national policy organization, thus enabling AFSP to press for legislation and policies at the federal, state and local levels that advance the goal of preventing suicide
  • Substantially increased our funding from individual donors, including the thousands of highly motivated individuals who participate in our Out of the Darkness Walks
  • Educated reporters and the media about how to best cover suicide
  • Communicated with hundreds of thousands of individuals through our website, social media, brochures, speakers and efforts to generate press coverage


Top Donor

cido$7Love you and what you do <3
Alibear$3Thank you for being a kind person. Mental health matters
Santa$45I am being selfish. I am storing money to save my car from repossession but what is one car against a cause like this? Here you go, hopefully this helps to save someone one day.
Santa$5I cannot afford to give anything but this is a good cause and I miss doing charity streams. Here is what I have.
Fostucco$3Commence the giveaway!!!!
Zero Excuse$2It's not much homie, but i wanted to help out. This cause hits too close to home
Weslon3$5For a good cause, keep it up, only 15 hours to go!
Lantheos$10Im so proud of you for fighting the good fight! Keep up the good work! I believe in you!
Kadler$20Good cause. Good man. Keep up the amazing work brother!
SunnyBeary$20From us in SunnyBeary's stream
Taotastic $35Sing the dub opening to Sailor Moon plz. With spirit.