About Game Over, T1D!

Are you planning a charity stream in November for National Diabetes Awareness Month? Head over to our NDAM 2020 campaign! The Game Over, T1D campaign will remain open for fundraising after November.

We're building up an army of people who stream on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook to fundraise and help spread the word about JDRF’s mission. Please join us!

JDRF Game2Give is JDRF's partnership with video game players, developers, and publishers, but you're not limited to video games! Whatever you want to stream—whether it's video games, music, cooking, board games, hobbies, exercise, just chatting, or something else we haven't thought of yet—we'd love to have you on our livestream fundraising team.

In addition to signing up on Tiltify, make sure to register as a livestream fundraiser on JDRF's website so we can inform you of upcoming events and provide you with resources and social media support.

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