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Save the Bees, Help a Beekeeper!

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Imagine that you are a beekeeper. You manage a small farm with a few beehives and harvest high-quality honey. Not only are you good at your job, but you live in an area where there is an unmet demand for local honey. You should be able to provide for yourself pretty easily, right?

Not so for many bee farmers in Honduras.

In the southern and central regions of Honduras, many rural beekeeping families are needlessly
struggling with hunger and poverty. They don't have enough hives to compete with foreign producers and are often unable to access fair markets to sell their product for a livable wage.

These problems have solutions! By funding this mission, you'll furnish a portion of the money we need to provide more than 700 families with:

  • Additional beehives so they can produce more honey
  • Beekeeping supplies and tools to ensure they are
    producing the best honey possible
  • Training in marketing and sustainable agriculture so
    they have the skills needed to succeed in the competitive honey market
  • Connections to fair, reliable markets for their products

We need your help to give these farmers the tools they need to build sustainable futures and successful
businesses for themselves. You want to save the bees? Help a beekeeper!

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