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Water System in Swaziland

The Thirst Project

We are $119,500 from completing this Mission!



RAISED $500 OF $120,000


760 million people on our planet today do not have access to safe, clean drinking water. 4,100 kids under the age of five will die today from water-borne diseases. The Thirst Project is the world's leading YOUTH water activism organization. We are a movement of students building freshwater wells to give people clean water. By funding this $120,000 deep, reticulated water system, you will fund the drilling of several deep boreholes fitted with submersible pumps, that will pump and store large amounts of water in huge cement cisterns, atop centrally located hilltops in several communities. This gravity fed systems will move water from the storage tanks through an extensive piping network to multiple spickets or access points throughout these communities serving up to 5,000 people.

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