We've created a set of videos to step you through some of the features we provide to help you build a campaign for your favorite charity. Have a question? Click on the green bubble in the lower right of the screen and send us a message.

Create a Profile

Sign up and create a Tilter's profile with an avatar and bio then start tracking how much you've done for great causes.

Create a Campaign

This video shows the basic steps of building your fundraising campaign on Tiltify. Complete the basic 7 steps by choosing your cause, your mission, your goal, naming & describing your campaign and adding a start and end time. Then your fundraising page will be generated and you can customize it by adding rewards, a schedule, creating donation levels and embedding your twitch or hitbox stream.

Add Rewards

On Tiltify you can create rewards for that donors can claim while donating. Whether it's a custom t-shirt or 'Choose my next character', you can edit you rewards at any time during your stream and drive donations up even further.

Add Donation Levels

Add donation levels to create mini-goals on the way to your ultimate fundraising goal. You can create "donation levels" or "unlocks" to engage and drive donors to help you reach the next level.

Build a Schedule

Create a schedule so your donors can see when you go live and what they can expect during your stream.

Twitch and your Campaign

Tiltify has a simple solution for on-screen alerts during your stream if you are using OBS or XSplit. You can find instructions to add the dashboard at Tiltify Overlays.

Start a Team

One of the newest features available on Tiltify is the ability to create a team. You can create a Team Profile and invite users (or tilters). The Team can create new Campaigns and based on a set of roles (member, manager, owner) the Team can manage the Campaign.